Overview A short introduction
productBox.png EMorF is a model transformation tool for EMF. Model transformations are an integral part of software development. For example, in-place model transformations are used for automated model refinements and model refactoring. Model-to-model transformations are used for model evolution, for the migration of data, and for automated model exchange between different tools, just to mention a few. However, until now, the development of such model transformations is still done using imperative languages. In contrast to that, with EMorF programming of model transformations is not needed any more.

Model-driven Approach

EMorF supports in-place and model-to-model transformations in one tool. The model transformations are specified graphically by a declarative domain specific language which is executed by an interpreter system. That way, the model transformation is developed using a model-driven approach and allows for an iterative and agile development process.

Easy to use

EMorF comes with a debugger which enables users to detect and diagnose errors by going step by step through their model transformation. It is available as open source software and can be tailored to your needs. And there is also professional support available.
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